Creation Date

[Free-text field] Format the date according to the following examples: ‘September 16, 2020’, ‘1881-1885’, ‘7th century’, and ‘7th-10th century’. Prefatory terms that may be used include ‘ca.’ for circa, ‘before’, and ‘after’. For dates 500 and earlier, specify BCE and CE.


[Free-text field] Identify the locations associated with the object, including, but not limited to, the places of origin and discovery, known and suggested. List City, Country, and/or Continent, separated by commas.

This field may be deleted with geographical information included in the "Description" field.


[Free-text field] Culture terms are those approved by the faculty, found in the Art & Architecture Thesaurus Online, or already in use in the catalogue.

This field may be renamed to "Culture, Period, Style" or this field may be deleted and the terms included in "Keywords".


[Free-text field]


[Free-text field] Record the object’s height, width, and depth in inches and centimeters in the following format: 1 3/8 x 2 1/8 x 1/4 in. (4.2 x 5.4 x 0.64 cm). Diameter may be included, if appropriate. Round dimensions to the nearest 1/16 of an inch and to the nearest millimeter.

Credit Line

[Free-text field] All records already include a credit line.

Accession Number

[Free-text field] All records already include an accession number.

Creator Biography

[Free-text field] List creator’s full name, place of birth, life dates, and/or nationalities, if known. If there are more than one creator associated with the object, then indicate their respective roles. If the creator is not known, then indicate ‘Creator Unknown’. This field may be expanded to include additional biographical information.


[Free-text field] The Description field may include information that is not applicable to any other field, including, but not limited to, inscriptions, markings, condition, and restorations. Footnotes should be indicated by bracketed numbers [1], in sequence, at the ends of sentences with corresponding numbered references at the end of this field. References to comparative and associated objects should be indicated by museum and accession numbers in footnotes. Citations to literature should also be placed in footnotes and formatted according to the Chicago Manual of Style.


[Free-text field]


[Free-text field] Collections will be the primary way in which related objects are grouped together. The names of the collections and their definitions are under development. A current list is shown on the collection's homepage.


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keywords, separated by commas