W. Niachide



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letter, McIlvaine, Niachide


[?] October 11, 1860

My Dear Bishop,

It is long since we have had any [?] but an opportunity is now afforded me by the desire of your patronage of the [?] of this [Charles], whom I believe to be a sincere and worthy convert and who at his baptism received the Christian name of John. He and a friend of his & compatriot Paul [?] who is lately [dead] were admitted into the Church by [?] [?] and our excellent praise [?] & myself were their [?]. They were affirmed at [?] Place to learn Bookbinding but not excelling in it. Paul was received by [?] of [Whale] [?] as a scripture reader and was very useful especially from his [?] of the language among the German colonists in this Parish. John Marks worked under him but unfortunately is under the age of twenty four when he would become a city [?]. He has applied for the [?] office of Scripture Reader and was [?] and is [?] by Dr. [?] and Mr. Reynolds who will I believe contrive to pay his [passage] to [endeavour] to act in this capacity in America. I hope he may [?] [?] there and obtain a decent living. I am anxious about & [?] beg to recommend him to you. I was most pleased with [?] [Place]. You will I am sure with [?] [?] grace for us as my dear wife 58 years of age is not only deaf but quite blind and being myself 5[2] I have not any [?] [?], and find my academic life an anxious one next [?] excellent of [?] and [?] [?] to [?] I endeavor to bear up and trust in God’s providential care. We have a great comfort in our daughter.

Believe me dear Bishop that we all retain our affectionate remembrances of you and hope we may be [allured] to meet in heaven for we are hardly likely to see one another again here.

Yours truly

W. Niachide

To the Bishop of Ohio

To Charles Petit McIlvaine