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First Pass Front: Tan paper with printed black text. Includes a small illustration of the Nazi eagle.

First Pass Back: A sketchy illustration of a Russian family with a man hovering behind them with printed black text.

Second Pass Front: Black printed Russian text with two violent illustrations.

Second Pass Back: Printed black text.

Third Pass Front: Printed black text.

Third Pass Back: An illustration of a glasses-wearing Soviet armyman holding a flag of with faces stitched onto it, including Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Winston Churchill.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash: Three German safe-conduct passes intended to induce Soviet Soldiers to not only surrender, but to attack their officers and Jews in general. The face of the passes, printed in Russian, bear drawings, one showing a commissar standing behind a tree and shooting Russian soldiers as they surrender, below the same commissar on the ground with a soldier holding a brick above his head. The verso bear the usual empty promises of good treatment, adding: "This pass is valid for a limited number of soldiers and comrades of the Red Army for a limited time - whomever shows this wants no more senseless bloodshed caused by Jews and commissars!"


5 3/4 x 8 1/4" each


Russia, political cartoon, Reich seal

German Anti-Semitic Safe Conduct Passes



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