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B41.059 Isa Bey Camii


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The Isa Bey Mosque, the oldest active mosque in Turkey and one of the most impressive remnants of Anatolian Turkish architecture, resting on the outskirts of the Ayasluğ Hills at Selçuk, İzmir. The mosque's plan is based on the Great Mosque of Damascus, and it was built by the Syrian architect 'Ali b. Mushaimish Dımışklıoğlu, in honor of the ruler of the area at the time (Aydınoğlu Isa Bey), in 1375. The mosque's asymmetrical design (it is built 51 by 57 metres) is a deviation from the typical standard. It is also a fine specimen of stone-work of its time, and a lot of the materials used in its construction were brought in from the ruins in Ephesus, particularly from the Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The mosque consists of two lateral aisles (which make up the prayer hall) above the centre of each of which lies a dome. Adjacent to these aisles is a courtyard, in which lie a fountain and a series of columns (not visible in this image). A part of one of the two minarets that adorned the mosque also stands. -MA


Selçuk, Turkey